Table of Contents CHEM 203

This subset of the textbook is tailored for the content of CHEM 203. For the extended textbook content, see here.

Background: Chemistry Review (Chapters 1-4 & 9)

Chapter 1: Chemistry of the Lab

Chapter 2: Periodic Table, Atoms & Molecules

Chapter 3: Solutions

Chapter 4: Chemical Reactions

Chapter 9: Gases

How Far (Equilibrium)?

Chapter 13: Chemical Equilibrium

How Fast (Kinetics)?

Chapter 12: Chemical Kinetics

How much Energy (Thermodynamics)?

Chapter 5: Thermochemistry

Chapter 16: Thermodynamics

Chemical Reactions

Chapter 14: Acid-Base Equilibria

Chapter 15: Other Equilibria

Chapter 17: Electrochemistry



  1. The Periodic Table
  2. Essential Mathematics
  3. Units and Conversion Factors
  4. Fundamental Physical Constants
  5. Water Properties
  6. Composition of Commercial Acids and Bases
  7. Standard Thermodynamic Properties for Selected Substances
  8. Ionization Constants of Weak Acids
  9. Ionization Constants of Weak Bases
  10. Solubility Products
  11. Formation Constants for Complex Ions
  12. Standard Electrode (Half-Cell) Potentials
  13. Half-Lives for Several Radioactive Isotopes