Chapter 9: Acid-Base Equilibria


Liquid water is essential to life on our planet, and chemistry involving the characteristic ions of water, H+ and OH, is widely encountered in nature and society. As introduced in another chapter of this text, acid-base chemistry involves the transfer of hydrogen ions from donors (acids) to acceptors (bases). These H+ transfer reactions are reversible, and the equilibria established by acid-base systems are essential aspects of phenomena ranging from sinkhole formation (image above) to oxygen transport in the human body. This chapter will further explore acid-base chemistry with an emphasis on the equilibrium aspects of this important reaction class.

Sections in this chapter:

  1. Brønsted-Lowry Acids and Bases
  2. pH and pOH
  3. Relative Strengths of Acids and Bases
  4. Acid-Base Equilibrium Calculations
  5. Hydrolysis of Salts
  6. Polyprotic Acids
  7. Buffers
  8. Acid-Base Titrations